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Boost your talent acquisition strategy

Have access to over 700.000+ profiles of students, new graduates
and junior professionals that meet enterprises on Joinrs

Junior talents currently spend over 30+ hours per week struggling to find the right job opportunities.

Thus, this is too time-consuming and not effective. We want to simplify the process by using our own AI Technology to present candidates with a tailored shortlist of opportunities that perfectly match their characteristics and ambitions.

Publish your internship, 
entry level and junior job opportunities.

By creating your company profile on Joinrs for free, you can post your job listings and receive suitable candidates across Europe.

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Joinrs AI creates the perfect match

Our AI model reads the job offers on behalf of users in seconds and creates the perfect match among candidates and companies based on criteria such as field of study, field of work, skills, company values, industry, job level and many other parameters.

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hire talent on
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More than 22,000+ weekly applications from qualified talents across the Engineering, Science, Finance, Economics and Marketing departments
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Joinrs AI creates the perfect match and companies get candidates aligned with their recruiting needs
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Manually or automatically publish your job opportunities from your career page. No ATS integration required
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La #1 piattaforma dedicata ai giovani per soddisfare le tue esigenze di Recruiting ed Employer Branding 100% digitale.
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Loghi Joinrs AziendeCompanies from tutored, PMI, Startups, multinationalPMI, Startups, and companies working with tutored.Companies that work with tutored, PMI, Startups
Joinrs Talents
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Weekly applications
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Candidates are looking for junior opportunities (up to 2 years of experience)
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Candidates are looking for Internship or Entry Level opportunities
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How do users discover Joinrs?They find out about us through word of mouth, marketing campaigns and via the strategic partnerships we currently have with student associations.
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Which kind of companies are on Joinrs?Joinrs is designed for companies from all industries. Currently we have companies within Consulting, Banking, Insurance, Staffing, GDO, Consumer Goods, Fashion, Space, Healthcare, Oil & Energy, Manufacturing and Retail.
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How do you publish job offers on Joinrs?By activating an Enterprise profile, you can publish your job offers manually or automatically from the Joinrs Enterprise Dashboard. We can directly scrape your job postings from your career page and automatically publish them on the Joinrs Platform. Our AI model is able to understand and analyse if your job opportunity aligns with the Joinrs community and showcase it accordingly.
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Do I have support from the Joinrs team?Yes! You can reach out to us at anytime and and we will be happy to answer to your query.
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What kind of job listings can I post on Joinrs?You can post career opportunities for internships, entry-level/graduate positions and junior profiles with a maximum of 2 years of experience.
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Can the company profile be managed by multiple accounts?Yes! We've developed the Multi-Account Feature! This means that each team member will have a personal username and password to access your company profile. The admin can define the roles for each account.
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