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La #1 piattaforma dedicata ai giovani per soddisfare le tue esigenze di Recruiting ed Employer Branding 100% digitale.
For multinational corporations, SMEs, and startups.
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Make your company visible to a community of 600,000 undergraduates and young graduates.
Hire the best talents by reducing time and costs.

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Create internship, entry level,
and talent academy announcements.
Simple, effective and digital.

Get young and talented candidates from all European universities, through a single platform. Measure your brand's success with real-time analytic data.

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Create your Online Experiences!
A new solution

With online experiences, you can showcase the details of your company, the team, the technologies adopted, and other aspects that make your workplace attractive. This approach increases the number of suitable applications and makes them more compatible with your needs.
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Why attract and hire
talents on Joinrs

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A large and ambitious community of digital talent.

More than 500,000 university students, undergraduates and young graduates have chosen Joinrs to get to know companies by participating in online experiences and achieving their professional ambitions.

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Accurate definition of the target. Real-time analytics.

The companies reach the talents of all European universities. During the publication phase, it is possible to choose which universities and fields of study the employer branding and recruiting content will appear in.

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Our "tailor made" practice for the success of your company.

We will cooperate in creating your employer branding and recruiting content and then evaluate its effectiveness. We will always be there to help you maximize your investment.

Multinational, PMI e Startups
who have chosen Joinrs

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Our KPIs
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Students and young graduates registered
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Community users have a STEM + E path
Universities and Business Schools active on Joinrs
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How do users discover Joinrs?They get to know us through word of mouth, marketing campaigns and partnerships with student associations. Users come from all European universities.
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Who are the users registered on Joinrs?Our community consists of 600,000 students, undergraduates, and young graduates. 67% come from the STEM, Business and Management faculties.
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Do you offer customized solutions?Yes! We offer a variety of solutions to support your recruiting and employer branding needs. Contact us to find out more.
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How long does activation take? (onboarding)In a few days your company profile will be active and performing. The "onboarding" period allows us to deepen your objectives by identifying the target audience and develop a "tailor-made" consultancy with which to attract the Tutored community!
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Am I allowed to feature Joinrs with my ATS?Yes! We work with numerous ATSs via API integration and data uploads. We are happy to collaborate with you in order to find the best integration solution for your systems.
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Can the company profile be managed by multiple accounts?Yes! We have developed the multi-account! This means that each of your collaborators will have a personal username and password to access the company profile. The admin can define the roles of each account.
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Hiring on Joinrs

Thousands of students and young graduates have found work on Joinrs
Hired on tutored, community, company
"Joinrs is like Netflix: you always find something that interests you. I applied because I knew what I would do here after reading the announcement."
Junior Research Analyst
Osservatori Digital Innovation
Economics and Statistics at the University of Pavia
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"On Joinrs I found the job I like: I'm a Business Analyst at BIP"
Alberto Gabrielli
Business Analyst
Management at Bocconi
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"For a computer engineer, Joinrs is like an oasis in the desert". It simplified something that seemed very complicated: the search for a company that was right for me. "
Data & AI Consultant
Computer Engineering in Roma Tre
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